The bar - thoughtfully called Filtery - opened today. The address is 23, Lónyai St. and the makers behind it are Ye Tealeaves and Coffee Stand. Considering that the only brew bar in Budapest so far is My Little Brew Bar which is next to it's big brother - My Little Melbourne - is in a much busier neighborhood, and still has a one group Synesso, opening a coffee shop without a coffee machine seems like an absurd idea in Hungary.

Feri and I arrived half an hour into the soft opening of the bar for our day starting caffeine dose. A small wooden sign on the pavement - similar to that in the Coffee Stand Gutenberg - pointed us into the right direction.

The place is quite small. It has a big wooden table that can fit about 10 people comfortably, and invites guests to talk to each other. The minimalist decor is supported by a few plants, and a huge FILTERY sign on the right (showing off the founders as well as the main and only profile of the place). On the left there is just a yellow lemon tree.

The boys though seem to know what they are doing - their takeaway-only micro cafe is a success - and the marriage of specialty tea and filter coffee is not an unlikely one.

Filtery specialty tea and coffee brew bar
Filtery - Specialty Tea and Coffee brew bar in the 9. district

This week is the test-drive of the coffee shop. So far the Filter coffees you can try are a Costa Rican by Lucky Cap and an Ethiopian by Gardelli. Also Ye Tealeaves, but we are all about that filter coffee here. We tried both coffees - Feri the Bányai Lucky Cap on batch brew, and I the Gardelli on V60. We also had a tea, but we can't really judge that 'cause you know... we're all about that filter coffee.

The boys use a low mineral water called Norda, which is quite popular in the Hungarian coffee scene. They have two Wilfa grinders, and a Precision Brewer, which is a beautiful machine. By the time I finish this article they have snacks and cakes to complete the café experience.

Good job guys, we hope lots of people will visit you! We know we will.

Ádám Vitéz

Uni student by day & barista by night. Dissolving solids like there is no tomorrow. Basically the Batman of coffee. Without the batmobile.